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   Driven by my curiosity and passion for the natural environment, I am interested in our complex relationship with Nature, in the present, as well as over the course of human history. Our human inclination to view ourselves as separate from Nature and its natural processes, and tendency toward manipulation of our environs, is the driving force of my inspiration.


   As our evolution is increasingly dominated by technology and science, our connection with the natural environment has gradually become more divided, reformulating what we consider to be natural or synthetic. I am most intrigued by the structural interventions of agriculture and how we address issues of life and death. Our use of genetic modification in our food cultivation systems and chemical supplements and pharmaceuticals in our health systems is radically shifting our cultural ideals of what we consider food and health, respectively, to be. 


   The aspect in which these topics integrate through the environment and industry inspires me to address and question this dichotomy through my work. Working in both organic and man-made materials to further illustrate this relationship, I offer the viewer an opportunity to investigate and question the nuances of this equation. 



2010 - present

2010 - present

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