frequently asked questions

Q• Do I take custom orders? & Do the truckers come in other sizes or fits?

A• Unfortunately, not at this time. It may be that I will consider this in the future, but I am unable to handle the time and attention that                       this requires for now.


q• Where can i find "be inspyred truckers" for sale?

A• currently they are available through my website, at Sierra Nevada Adventure Company (snac) in northern california, & at bear valley                        mountain resort retailers.


q• how do i care for my trucker and is it washable?

a• you should clean and care for your hat as you might with any other. I would only recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth &

      would not recommend that you throw it in the washer. The paints I use are uv/sun-tolerant & water resistant - but not water proof - keep                   this in mind while on your adventures near water as i cannot gaurantee the lifespan when submerged.


q• how do i have an opportunity to become featured in the "wyldlife gallery"?

a• take a pic of you and your trucker out on one of your adventures and send it to me! what I am looking for is a clear frontal shot of the      

      artwork and you out exploring & enjoying our gorgeous planet. it does not need to be high-res, but it does need to be "workable" so that i                   can edit it...if it works for me, i'll publish it!


q• my truckers smelled like paint when i pulled it out of the bag, will this be permanent? 

A• no, this is only temporary and will fade quickly over time. take it out on adventure and let it be free & breathe  :)